A Message From our TPA Mother, Tita Bess aka @archiecrusher

To my BELOVED TPA FAMILY… in a little while, year 2012 will be over. Year 2012 started with a Big Bang for us …” DAVID is coming back to Manila”. Everyone was so eager beaver with this news. We all got lost with our own world and suddenly we all got transformed into the the world of NANDITO AkO,, Josh Bradley. It was good 6 -week DA event… fun, excitement, stalking moments, sleepless night, frustrations, endless texting, GMs, FB, Twits,and most especially, gaining more friends…

Then… the world of reality set in. If there’s Hello, there’s always Good – bye. David had to go into his mission to fulfill the inner desires in his heart. No matter how our hearts melted, each of us shedding our bucketful of tears… still, our love for him did not fade. That, my archukids, is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We are willing to support him in all his endeavors…whatever, whenever, wherever..

Our TPA life is like a roller coaster with all its ups and downs. . Many members have gone thru several pains and struggles, but the TPA has always kept them alive… giving them the necessary comfort and consolation. We have always stayed together as ONE BIG SOLID FAMILY despite so many barriers and that is the test of authentic love. Continue reading

A Message from a Pinoy Archie


Karina Beltran Singh
Before this year ends, I would like to tell you that I’m very blessed because I’m a part of this family. I may be a member of the Archucouncil and a high school teacher, but I enjoy being your sister more. I’m always here for you. I know that at times, there are challenges, but I hope that our love for one another always prevails. May 2013 be a blessed year for each of us, and may we continue to grow individually, so that we’ll be better as a family. Happy New Year in advance, guys. God bless. :) <333
"Ohana means family; family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." -Lilo

PS I am only 22 yrs. old, so don't call me ate if you're older than me. Hahaha. Love you, guys. :)

DAVID’S 22nd Birthday Celebration: The Deets

I know we’re all excited for this, so here are the details for David’s birthday celebration. :)

For those who will be picked up at SM Mega Mall
Meeting Place : Jollibee, St. Francis Square (at the back of SM Megamall)
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Bring any gift for the Lolos and the Lolas at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderlies. Any amount will do… it is the thoughtfulness that counts. On the way to the Home for the Elderlies, practice Christmas carols. You will carol the Lolos and the Lolas
a) Sa May bahay ang aming bati .. Merry Christmas
b) Silent Night
c) Joy to the World
This will take only about 20 minutes . Then the bus will take you to the venue.
The Bus will take you back to SM megamall at 7 pm.
To those who will proceed directly to the venue, form your own group and coordinate with each other. There will be people coming from Pasay, Paranaque, Laguna, Cavite…etc….
Those who will be coming from the South… Bulacan, Pampanga, Quezon City, Manila, Rizal, Bataan, Pangasinan, etc.. … proceed to Jollibee, St. Francis Square and have your names listed which will be taken charge by JP and other council members
VOLUNTARY DONATIONS ( any amount will do ) will be appreciated to help in the expenses. That will be your Love Offering for the group. For those who really can’t make any donations…. no worries.
” For in all things God may be glorified”

See you all on Dec. 28! :)


We’re sure a lot of you are stoked to know what transpired during the Forevermore Expanded Edition Buyout–We’re more stoked to share, so let’s start. :)

Last Saturday was very unusual because the attendees were not as many as what was expected due to the sudden announcement of the day of the buyout–but hey, that didn’t stop the Archulove from burning. :)

The usual was, we laughed, talked and goofed around as if we were little kids.

With the games, guess the David song, Pose a la Album Art and Sing Like David–who wouldn’t? :)

The latecomers were announced and asked to sing impromptu. Everyone literally had to leave their shyness at home, and that’s what made it more fun. :)

Last, but definitely not the least, we watched THE FULL MUSIC VIDEO OF RAINBOW 2.0!!! AMAZING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  :)

If you think this has been exciting, wait til we celebrate our D’s birthday–you know what to expect. :)

Photos by: Jayson Pineda, Jeramy Alonzo, Ericka Caacbay, Ronald Ruiz and Glecerie Capacete


Last Aug, 25, BEGIN. was launched with Pinoy Archies in cooperation with Odyssey.

Words are not enough to describe the kind of bonding that we have every time we are together, so let us just show you how it’s done. :)

That day, we…

-talked a lot

-ate lunch together (Yes, all of us on many tables combined into one)

-laughed our hearts out

-sang our souls out (creepy. Haha) through videoke

-watched Everybody Hurts MV and David’s funny vids

–hung out some more after the event

To sum it all up, this day was perfect! Oh, wait… That is an understatement. :)

Click the link to view pics from Odyssey’s cam:


Credits to Glecerie Capacete, Sarah Bapial and Angel Garcia for these wonderful pics. :)




To my fellow Archies, please DO NOT POST/UPLOAD any videos of the full songs on BEGIN. You see, if you do that, there is a great chance that BEGIN. will get less sales because people will just rely on those videos and convert them. As I have said before, THE MORE YOU POST/SHARE, THE LESS THE SALES BECOME. I hope that you know that video conversion is a form of piracy, and THERE IS NO WAY that we are supporting that. Another is sending gifted song files. You have only been gifted. Meaning, it is for your own listening experience only. Forwarding those files to everyone paves way to less sales because when you forward, you do not pay for it. Lastly, do not purchase pirated CDs. We all know that it is much cheaper, but it can never compare to what the original ones have to offer. When you buy pirated CDs, you recognize the unnecessary ability of those copying machines. It is David’s hard work–not ours. David should be the first beneficiary of the sweat and blood that he has offered just to finish this album on time. He could’ve spent his time with his family and friends or used it for other things, yet he chose to devote it to us. Let us return this favor by giving him what he deserves. Besides, there are other ways to obtain his album–buying, gifting and waiting. Let us not be selfish. It is not about us; it is about David. I hope I get my point across. Remember that we are always one with you. Take care and God bless.

P.S. We strongly encourage video uploaders of the full songs to pull their videos off/delete them. Thank you.

To promote for BEGIN. what you can do is to post vids of the snippets (because it is noticeable on Facebook) and write in the description how beautiful it is, so that everyone will be interested to click and listen to your link and eventually buy BEGIN. Thank you. :)


To the person who has shared her ups and downs with us

To the woman who exude s beauty in every way

To the doctor who cures and helps not only those confused personalities, but also with broken hearts and crushed spirits

To the coach who who believes and supports us all the way

To the fan who has always been there

To the kind heart who has always been selfless enough to share

To the fairy godmother who has always made our wishes come true

To the counselor who always understands

To our second mom who always loves us and whom we love so dearly,


PinoyArchies TURNS 1! :)


Amazing to think how we started with only ten members. Now, we are nearing a thousand. :)


It’s nice to know that in just a year, we’ve been through so many things together and up to now,

we share one another’s joys and pains,

we help one another grow,

we support one another  in every endeavor; and

we treat one another as a family member.

We hope to spend countless years with you.

For those who want to join us, we welcome everyone with arms and hearts wide open. God bless us all. :)