Word of the day:

Word of the day — patience

We know this word very well! It’s a word we all have had to be during this time David needed away. Thank you for your “patience” and continued support!

A tweet from Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias’ official Twitter


Enrique Iglesias (@enrique305) – @DavidArchie @kariontour Let’s duet!!! Big fan of your work, David!

More proof :)


Who’s excited for David’s return this Spring? I know all of us are! :D This tweet will be great news for both David and Kari. :) 2014 will be a big year for not just David but for David Archuleta fans worldwide. :)

Another Throwback Thursday and BTS pic from Nandito Ako


Don’t Run Away from a #ThrowBackThursday pic. #NAmemories #DA2014 #NanditoAkoMiniReunion #Vault

Photo credit: @MyDearWriter

Throwback Thursday posts and hello to the Nandito Ako family

#throwbackthursday http://youtu.be/FM–Kv1Lrhw A new video but with a “throwback” feel. Very creative video done by Marcella @0o0bluedots0o0 (KS)

#tbt from Dec 2010 at a Kaleidoscope event in San Antonio. Hanging with @DaveKozMusic before going on the ice.(KS)


Last pickup before package going out tomorrow! Don’t worry if u were 2 late another one going out next month! (KS)


Photo and video credits: @DavidArchie and Marcella for vid

@JoAnnBanaga @gellidbelen @jascurtissmith @oheulacaballero @anagfeleo @MyDearWriter @gtongi @percinotpercy @alwynzky


Photo credit: Kari Sellards (@kariontour)